Personal Container Coach Service – the small print!

….and yes you do need to read this!

I want to be sure  you get the most out of our time together so ask that you take the time to read and accept this before you contact me.

  • From the information you give me I will advise you how long we will need to be at the nursery but you may choose to reduce that time when booking. There will be a two hour minimum with hourly increments after that. (Two hours will be sufficient for most clients)
  • You will be billed for the time you have scheduled. For example, if you request a three hour appointment you will be billed for three hours even if we finish after two and a half  hours.
  •  Upon confirmation of your appointment you will be sent a simple spreadsheet to complete ahead of time and bring with you. Failure to do this may result in forfeiting your appointment since I cannot give you the high level of service I expect of myself without this information
  • To get the 10% discount on retail cost of plants we will head to the checkout approx. 20’ before the end of your scheduled appointment. I will pay for your purchases through the wholesale desk. I will then give you an invoice for the retail cost of plants -10% + my time at $50/hour with a minimum 2 hour charge + tax, which is payable at that time. (Cash, check or credit card).
  • Any plants which are on sale will not be eligible for this 10% discount
  • If time allows I will help you load your vehicle.
  • Only plants are offered at this discount, not other goods such as soil or gifts.
  • If we have not completed your shopping list by the end of our scheduled appointment we may extend the time only if I do not have another client due. You will be billed for this additional time at $50/hour. If that is not possible I will check you out as detailed above. You may then continue to shop on your own but will need to pay for any additional plants through the regular retail checkout and will not receive the discount.
  • As we gather plants for each container you will have the opportunity to take pictures (a smart phone is ideal for this) of each group to help you when you return home. You will also be encouraged to draw a quick planting plan of each container combination. I will show you how to do this. I will not be taking notes, writing down plant names or doing these sketches for you. (You’ll understand your scribble better than mine!)

What this service does not include

  • Delivery of plants
  • Shopping for your plants without you
  • Planting of the containers for you

I will do my utmost to select the correct quantity and size of plants needed for each of your containers based upon the information you give me. However, I cannot be held responsible should that not prove to be the case.


All that being said, I can promise you we will have fun together, you will learn more about the design process and end up with a  creative and artistic plant palette than you might otherwise have managed on your own; the designer look without the designer price tag – AND you save money on the plants!

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