Handcrafted Garden Tools

My husband Andy has been turning unique wooden bowls, cache pots and bud vases for many years but our garden dibbers and row markers have become so popular that we decided it was time to share them with you.

Our tools tell a story.

They tell of our English heritage and a childhood planting seeds alongside our parents and grandparents. Our well-loved antique workbench belonged to Karen's granddad and now  takes pride of place in our barn  where it continues to serve us well. The lathe and many of the carving tools which Andy uses to craft these timeless pieces have either been inherited or custom made by Andy himself.

Our materials are locally sourced and recycled. The wood is either harvested from our own property in Duvall, Washington or within a 100 mile radius and provided by local arborists. By supporting other small businesses in this way we help to build a community of like-minded individuals who care about each other and the environment.

As you use our tools you too become part of the story, part of a new generation of conscious gardeners.



As featured in:

Country Gardens magazine (Fall 2017)

Each piece is hand turned on a lathe
Each piece is hand turned on a lathe