Do you struggle to…

  • Plant a garden that looks good year-round?
  • Avoid a “hodge podge” and combine plants in an artistic way?
  • Figure out what plants will thrive in difficult spots?
  • Establish screening from neighbors and eyesores?
  • Design container gardens that enhance your home and landscape?
  • Thwart tenacious deer?
  • Design a simpler, lower maintenance garden?
Deer-Resistant Garden Design

Then you are in the right place!

Le jardinet can help you with all of these common gardening frustrations and a whole lot more.

With a lifetime’s gardening experience, training as a Certified Professional Horticulturist and over 15 years as an award-winning designer, author and presenter, I can help you solve all these problems.

In the Greater Seattle area, I offer custom, innovative landscape design and landscape consultations to help you troubleshoot problem areas or realize a vision.

Live farther afield? No problem. I teach several informative, online design courses, offer a variety of gardening-related presentations across the country, write a popular bi-weekly blog and have written several books to guide you.

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