Critter Resistant Vegetable Garden Plans

Plans now available!

Plans now available!

The story of the our deer resistant vegetable garden continues to be the most popular blog post I have ever written, and the photographs have been re-pinned on Pinterest over 34,200 times in five years! If you would like to build something similar you can now purchase our plans. (And no you DON'T need to have the fence be 8-10' tall – read the blog post to understand why) These are suitable for experienced woodworkers – not for beginners.

Fun Fact:

John S, a customer from Queensland, Australia is adapting these plans to keep out Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Wallabies,  Potaroos, and the occasional Hare on the ground. To combat Cockatoos and King Parrots from the air "it may require some modifications"!!


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Build a Critter-Resistant Vegetable Garden