'Karen Chapman is a gardener with a rare combination of skill, artistry and personality' ~ Ciscoe Morris, Seattle

'Karen is an inspired designer! She designed a classic English garden for me with a winding flagstone path lined with lavender on either side heading towards my old apple tree.  She built a bench around the tree to encourage enjoyment of the garden which she made come alive with all my favorite flowers – jasmine, gardenias, sweetbox, daphne, roses etc… – and it smells heavenly!  The blueberries she planted for me have yielded hundreds of blueberries each year.  Each part of my garden is designed as a different ‘room’.  We’re working on the designs for my new rose garden now and the ‘enchanted grotto’ next.  I can’t wait!  Karen really knows what I want but she also pushes me to try ideas I wouldn’t have had the courage to try by myself.  The results are magical ' ~ Emma, Medina

'I can’t stop looking at the amazing park that has appeared as our backyard. It is spectacular!  Love the fountain! Love the plants!  Love everything!  You are truly a garden wizard and genius.  How you envisioned this transformation from what it was is beyond my comprehension.  We are so excited and happy for our new living quarters.  Thank you so much for everything!  It is truly magical.'  Diana, Kirkland

'I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing and fun landscape plan. It completely exceeded our expectations and is such a great fit for us and our needs. We now have it up on our dining room wall where we can admire it whenever we walk by – can't wait to see it all in practice! I finally just had a moment to browse the plant list and it's just so much gorgeousness! Love it! Anyway, thank you again. You're awesome!' ~Jeff, Karen, & Eloise, Snohomish

'Our backyard is now an inviting space where we can entertain friends or enjoy a quiet morning with a cup of coffee. Even when the weather is less than ideal for being outdoors, the garden provides visual interest and entertainment from inside our home. We love to watch the ever-changing foliage and the wildlife that has been attracted to our garden. It feels like we have added another room to our home.' ~ Kim & Paul, Newcastle

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Karen Chapman in Duvall, WA on Houzz
Karen Chapman in Duvall, WA on Houzz
Karen Chapman in Duvall, WA on Houzz
Karen Chapman in Duvall, WA on Houzz
Karen Chapman in Duvall, WA on Houzz