Some day this will be a pretty (and productive) vegetable garden...

There’s no doubt about it – change can be messy. Getting from before to after somehow always seems to involve the mid-point of  being distinctively worse; that “Oh no – what have we done?” moment. I’ve been there many times but it never gets easier.

In my last post ‘Progress‘  I showed you examples of our current before and after-a-little-bit projects. Clearly we’re still a long way from a true ‘after’.

Likewise making the transition to move my blog from one place to another has been neither clean nor straightforward. It’s the equivilant (to me at least) of being up to my elbows in mud. So I beg your patience while I wash off my wellies. My old adventures will remain for you to enjoy at your leisure but I have some fun trips planned ahead for us to explore together. The essence of my blog will remain the same – insights, tips and “I wish I had known better” thoughts will be shared alsong with ideas to inspire you and stories to encourage you.

Just  bear with me while I find the path!

Trail markers

1. Email subscribers should still receive my posts, although they may look a little different.

2. Followers, sadly, will suddenly find themselves missing out! Just sign up BELOW to continue with my new adventures.

3. My  new blog is now with my website; the url is A one stop shop for gardening fun le jardinet style.

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