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Reduce your Water Bill with these PNW Survivors

How was your water bill this summer? $200? $300? Over $500? Was it higher than usual and worse than expected? While the cause could be anything from a leaky toilet to an inefficient washing machine, chances are your landscape may have been the main culprit. Whether you have an automatic irrigation system or hand water…

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Shades of September

  It's an odd time of year. Neither summer nor fall. Cooler but not cold. Perhaps chianti rather than sauvignon blanc but not-quite-ready-for-a-full-Bordeaux type of weather I typically head into the garden to see what is new – newly blooming or in leaf – not newly going into decline! So what is there to get…

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A Movable Feast

I have just returned from a week long trip to Florida which for this Seattle-ite was pure horticultural eye candy! (I was speaking on the HGTV designer stage at the Epcot International Garden and Flower Festival for three days) . Everywhere I looked there were houseplants – growing as hedges or clambering up trees! Even…

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For the Poinsettia-Phobic

It's not that I don't like poinsettias – I do. They are festive, easy to care for (since they don't need much attention), come in a variety of colors and are available in many sizes. But before you pick one up in a shiny gold wrapper I dare you to be different this year. Here…

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