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The Little Purple House

There are whimsical gardens and then there is Lucinda Hutson's "Texican" garden – an unapologetic explosion of color that is pure FIESTA. Brought up in El Paso, Texas she regularly traveled to Mexico and central America whose colors and traditions continue to influence her. Lucinda loves to make everday life a fiesta and encourages others…

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Evolution, Renovation and Rejuvenation – Revisited

I originally published this post in November 2011 on my old blog and continue to see the images re-pinned on Pinterest as well as receiving emails about the custom trellis design. Since it clearly struck a chord with so many I decided to re-post it here, with larger photographs, some new images and minor text…

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Serenity in Seattle; my favorite display

While most visitors to the 2016 Northwest Flower and Garden Show were jostling for position to photograph the large display gardens, I found myself drawn to the smaller City Living  exhibits. Each designer worked with a 6 x 12 space defined by pavers to represent a high rise apartment balcony. The criteria was that all materials…

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Fragrant Fall Favorites

Many of you enjoyed last week's post on the katsura tree, loving its caramel apple scent as much as I do. Did you know that there are also several shrubs and perennials which spice up the fall garden with their fragrance too? Glossy abelia (Abelia x grandiflora) is a somewhat sprawling shrub with tubular white…

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Priceless parsnips

  "there are perfectly good stores where you can buy parsnips you know"………… …….so commented  a  dear friend who couldn't quite wrap her head around why we were spending many months and more than a few dollars to construct the Taj Mahal of vegetable gardens. If you've been following this blog for a while you…

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