Plant a Rainbow


A summer rainbow; Garden Candy cherry tomatoes by Renee's Garden

A summer rainbow; Garden Candy cherry tomatoes by Renee's Garden

I can't help myself – shake a packet of seeds and I start salivating like our two dogs when they hear the pantry door being opened. It's that tantalizing rustle – the promise of hidden treasure. Add to that pretty pictures and I'm in a swoon.

So you can perhaps understand my excitement when my catalog from Renee's Garden arrived this week. She always has interesting new introductions to try; both  flowers and edibles. In fact they now carry a complete range of USDA Certified Organic vegetables and herbs chosen for fine flavor and garden performance.





If like me you want  COLOR in the garden as well as on your plate you'll want to try Renee's exclusive mix of Rainbow vegetables. This is an easy to grow collection especially suited to new veggie gardeners.





Rainbow Kitchen Vegetable Garden Collection

Five carefully chosen colorful varieties that are reliably easy to grow – perfect for beginners;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFarmer's Market Lettuce Mix: a rainbow of colors and textures





A summer rainbow; Garden Candy cherry tomatoes by Renee's Garden

Garden Candy Cherry Tomatoes: red, orange, yellow and sweet as sugar





scallions-delicious duo-01Tasty Duo Scallions: red and green skinned, savory and crisp





bean-pole-tricolor-04Tricolor Bush Beans: scrumptious purple, yellow and green pod





squash-zucchini-tricolor-01Tricolor Zucchini: gold, light and dark green, with buttery flavor





At just $13.95 for the collection that's a lot of veggies for your money.

Heirloom Tomatoes – Rainbow's End


Can you resist with a picture like this? Not me!

Three unique and flavorful varieties;

  • Brandywine
  • Marvel Stripe
  • Green Zebra

Caprese salad will never look so good!

$2.99 – you can pay that much for just three tomatoes at the store.

So what's for dinner? If you need inspiration you can also order one of Renee's cookbooks – no more excuses. Explore what else there is to offer from Renee's Garden

All photos above courtesy Renee's Garden

Planting Made Easy

Each piece is hand turned on a lathe

Each piece is hand turned on a lathe

To complete your armchair gardening I have the perfect seed starting tools for you, made right here in our barn in Duvall, WA by my husband, Andy.

We have just launched  two unique handcrafted garden tools; Garden Dibbers and Garden Row Markers; both are a mainstay of the English gardening bucket but rarely seen in the United States

Our  materials are locally sourced and recycled. The wood is either harvested from our own property or within a 100 mile radius and provided by local arborists. By supporting other small businesses in this way we help to build a community of like-minded individuals who care about each other and the environment. Our aim is to provide beautiful yet functional tools for the new generation of conscious gardeners – those who choose to seek out American made products. Read more about their story


Garden Dibber


Based on a traditional English design this is the ideal tool for sowing seeds, small bulbs or transplanting. Each dibber is marked in 1″ increments to take the guesswork out of planting. No more hunting for a pencil or using a finger! Keep one dibber in the greenhouse and a second in your tool bucket. Just $10 each




Garden Row Markers


Create perfect straight rows. These are ideal for the vegetable garden and raised beds to optimize planting space. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them! Simply insert one marker into the soil and unwind the string as you place the second marker. Each spool has a carved groove to hold the string in place when stored; just press the string into the groove and gently tug the markers apart to fasten. $25/set


You can purchase both from our online store – or tell your local nursery about us.







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  1. Katie on February 4, 2014 at 9:55 am

    Love it!!! Dreaming and Scheming for our veggie-garden-to-be 🙂 Can't wait for it to start taking shape!!!

  2. debsgarden on February 10, 2014 at 6:51 am

    Such a dreary day today with ice and possible snow on the way; I dream of rainbow colors in my veggie garden! The garden dibbers and row markers look great.Good luck with your online business!