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Front Garden Re-Imagined

How do you know when it's time to re-think the front garden? Certainly overgrown trees  and a fractured driveway are clues but spray painting the lawn green last summer was the final 'Aha!' moment for my Greater Seattle area clients. Yet funnily enough when I initially suggested a complete renovation they innocently asked "Which tree…

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When Life Isn't Fair

  Today I should be writing a blog post about gardening, offering ideas, inspiration and possibly a few laughs along the way (usually at my expense). Today that isn't going to happen. Regular readers may recall when we adopted these two fluffy love bugs in July of 2013. While I was in England last October…

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Tales of Tails

Almost a year ago we adopted two eight year old golden retrievers. They were a bonded pair so needed to be placed together and we had more than enough space on our 5 acres for them both to run and play. Suffice to say none of us have been quite the same since. When they…

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