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Those Darned DEER!

It's enough to deal with rabbits and voles. And vegetarian barn cats. But deer? They are my nemesis. For the most part I have managed to design a deer resistant garden without resorting to fences, dangling tablets of Ivory soap in old nylons or constantly spraying. Spring has it challenging moments as the new growth…

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Join me for cocktails – book review & giveaway!

We have recently purchased a fancy new propane fire pit. It is one of those lovely ones with a tile surround large enough to function as a table for your wine glass and snacks and pretty reflective glass through which the flames dance and flicker. Being propane it is a great option for instant ambience…

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A Must Have Book For All Cancer Survivor's; Review & Giveaway

Few of us will get through life unscathed by the Big-C; Cancer. Even if we escape the diagnosis ourselves the chances are high that we have family and friends who were not so fortunate. My Dad (esophagus), maternal granddad (throat), paternal grandma (ovarian) and maternal aunt (breast and melanoma) all faced this challenge and I have…

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Focal Points & Vignettes Using Containers

Whether your container is left empty as a sculptural element or abundantly planted with a colorful assortment of trees, shrubs perennials and annuals, it is unlikely to be seen in isolation. Often they are placed On a patio Within a garden border Adjacent to a path Look around and behind your container – what do…

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Sticks and Stones

Sculptor Luke DeLatour of Stones and Steel knows a thing or two about rocks which is why we invited him to our Meet the Artist – Become the Artist event recently. He has created some beautiful sculptures from twisted ribbons of steel into which he incorporates hand selected river rocks and  pebbles – beautiful when…

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